Who am I

I have 24 years of nursing experience. I was a professor at Rush University College of Nursing Chicago, I now work at the NCSBN Department. I tutor adult students at the college level. I have extensive experience in teaching and tutoring nursing students. I tutor, nursing math, and nursing research. I tutor traditional and online students. I was an online student so I understand the challenges and can assist you with your course work. I can help you with your research and writing guidelines.

Questions and Answers

As a worker in NCSBN department, I can get you accurate question bank. What i practically means here is , I can get you all the exact same questions you gonna see on your exam test date and their correct answers upfront. This automatically makes you better prepare for the test like never before. For me to get you these questions and their correct answers as mentioned above, I will need to be in possession of your ATT which I will use to track the specific questions from our database. With this service, Your chances to succeed is rated at 90% and above and you can trust me , there’s no second attempt this time


Some students have taking the nclex 6-7 times and still could not make it. I just wanna tell you to stop crying because I’m here and everything is gonna change as from this very moment. I’m giving you that dream career you have been craving for decade. With this service, I’m offering you a chance to get your nclex license directly should in case you decide not to wanna take the test or you are tired of taking the test and failing being it RN or LPN. I can get you a register license and a valid license number regardless of your state and yes you just read it correctly, I can get you the license directly. It just depend on what you want.
Note: This service is not available for everyone.

Scores Upgrade

When you write, especially for the final exam, it so often happens that you don’t get your expected score thought you have thought your Writing exam has been a good one. This can be equally true for Nclex-RN , Nclex-PN or any course, where writing plays a big part. Have you recently taking the nclex and you believe you have not perform well ? Worry not , I can check up your performance and upgrade your scores to the passing logit score. It should be noted that, I’m upgrading your performance from the systems database to the passing logit score you desire.

NOTE: These services I’m discussing here are proved and authentic. I help hundreds of student everyday pass the nclex and you can be one of them at this very moment.


Every year about 315,000 trained nurses nationwide take the NCLEX RN and LPN exam, but nearly 87,500 students fail (NCSBN, 2019). That’s almost 28 percent! What can you do to improve your odds and be well prepared to face this challenging exam with confidence?

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